Try These Light & Healthy Summer Meal Ideas

There’s something about the summer heat that zaps you of energy! And, eating a heavy meal can make you feel even more tired and sluggish. The key to beating the heat and feeling at your best: eat light and healthy meals.

But, don’t skimp on using healthy ingredients in your light meals. Check out the meal ideas below, for eating light & healthy, during the summer:

  • Salads – one of the easiest and healthiest meals you can prepare. Toss your favorite greens with salad fixins such as tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, veggies, and grilled meat, chicken, or seafood.
  • Sandwiches – enjoy your favorite lunchmeat, tuna salad, egg salad, salmon salad, cheeses, or vegetables, on whole grain, whole wheat, or multi-grain bread.
  • Pita Pockets – low-calorie and perfect for stuffing with salad, meats, chicken, seafood, and veggies.
  • Wraps – if you’re really calorie-conscious, try a tortilla wrap as a bread alternative, and fill with roasted vegetables, grilled chicken or seafood, lettuce & tomatoes, and drizzle with your favorite salad dressing. I always keep a 10-pack of wraps on hand. Wraps are also great for making breakfast burritos and fajitas.
  • Flat Breads – low-calorie and versatile for preparing sandwiches, pizzas, and toasted with olive oil and fresh garlic.

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