Don’t Be Salty on Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day, are you planning on cooking your loved one a fabulous meal, or surprising them with dinner out at their favorite restaurant? If so, make your meal an even healthier Valentine’s gift by choosing low-sodium ingredients and entrees. Why does lower-sodium matter? High-sodium diets contribute to high blood pressure, which can lead to […]


Healthy Holiday Appetizers

The holidays can bring more than just happiness and joy; extra pounds can become an uninvited guest. If you’re hosting holiday parties, help your guests eat healthier by serving healthy holiday appetizers. One of my favorite appetizers is a smoked salmon and cream cheese spread. This appetizer is very easy to prepare, and always gets […]


Pleasurable Peppers

Now that the nest is just about empty, I cook my most extravagant meals on Sundays. Well, not exactly extravagant, but I spend more time on Sunday meals than I do during the week. My husband loves my stuffed peppers, so I decided to make his favorite today. Stuffed peppers is a very easy meal […]