Dining Out New York Style!

My recent trip to NY to see my daughter was a culinary adventure. I knew she would plan some interesting dining experiences, since she knows I love good food — I wasn’t disappointed.

The one thing I love about NY is its diversity and the vast variety of ethnic food selections. Dining out in NY is an experience all its own.

On my first day eating out in NY, I was treated to NY style pizza at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar— now, who doesn’t love NY pizza! Although, I do look terrified. LOL! When the server brought the pizza to our table, I couldn’t believe the size; it was enormous.

NY PizzaAdrienne’s doesn’t serve pizza by the slice you have to get a whole pan. This is gourmet pizza at its best! I did manage to eat 2 1/2 slices. We boxed up the rest to take home. I hardly ever eat just cheese pizza, but this cheese pizza was the bomb! As good as it tasted, I could’ve eaten more, but I refused to allow pizza to ruin all of my hard work trying to stay fit. Although, I could’ve justified eating more, knowing I could burn off the calories by walking to the subways.

Adrienne's NY PizzaMy daughter is such a class act! She made us reservations at the Blue Water Seafood and Jazz Restaurant. We dined on fresh, seafood selections, while a live, jazz quartet played nearby.

Sushi and Fish TacosMini Fish Tacos and Smoked Salmon Sushi

Grilled Sea Bass
Ginger-Soy Lacquered MSC Chilean Sea Bass

Grilled SalmonCrispy Skin Faroe Island Salmon

I always joke and say that I couldn’t live in New York, but I do love to visit and dine out! There’s truly no other place as unique, diverse, and full of excitement, like New York!

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