Can I Get a rAMEN!

If you’re one, who despises ramen noodles because you ate too many in college, then you may not appreciate my fist-bump post for my son’s love of this Asian staple!

My son’s love of ramen noodles is borderline obsessive. You’d think that after eating them daily, during his early years away at college, he would almost gag at the thought of slurping down a bowl. But, no! He actually loves them!

In fact, his love of them has progressed from the store bought packages to now preparing his own gourmet version (he really makes a mamma proud).

Just recently, I marveled at seeing my son meticulously preparing his latest bowl of noodles. The way he prepared and combined all his ingredients: shrimp, garlic, scallions, noodles, eggs, and vegetable broth, was like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

And, actually — this latest bowl of noodles was no less than masterful! Can I get a rAmen!!


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