Dining in New York


Every time I visit New York, I always try a new, culinary experience that makes me love the food glamour of this city so much. And, on my recent visit, I wasn’t disappointed, in the least bit.

My food journey this time led me to the MoCA Asian Bistro: a restaurant in the neighborhood of Forest Hills (just a brief walk from my daughter’s apartment), serving up Asian fusion cuisine.

MoCA’s vibe is eclectic and hip. The menu is extensive; almost overwhelming for any sushi and Asian food lover. There’s a wide range of menu choices: Classic Rolls & Hand Rolls, Sushi or Sashimi A La Carte, Sushi Bar Entrée, MoCA Signature Rolls, Tempura/Teriyaki, Vegetables, Fried Rice, Noodles, Noodle soup, Wok Sauteed & Grilled. As a lover of sushi & Asian food, just reading the menu and visualizing the freshness of the ingredients in each dish, was enough to make my heart flutter.

General Tso’s Chicken

Each time the server visited our table to see if we had decided, we asked for more time. We finally made our selections. We started the meal with pan-seared edamame dumplings, at the suggestion of our server, tempura shrimp and smoked salmon sushi. Yum! My daughter chose General Tso’s chicken – – trust me, this was not your neighborhood Chinese takeout food. And, I chose the Mango Chicken in a sweet, spicy sauce with the darkest brown rice I’ve ever seen. When my food arrived, it was served directly in the mango skin. WTF! Now, that’s how you dine in New York!

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