tailgating 2019

Big game tailgating tips for mobile viewers

(BPT) – Tailgating warriors range from the most serious of fans to the folks that don’t quite manage to get in the gates for that championship game. These fans can now watch the big game from that very tailgate.

Gridiron battles and ballpark miracles generate cherished memories. From the days of listening to the score updates of conference rivals via AM radio, to trying desperately to get that connection on a smartphone to follow live streaming, the interest in the games you’re not at has always been there.

Holding the key to that game may make you the most popular member of your tailgating party. Here are five tailgating scenarios and tips to keep you connected, safe and ready to enjoy your tailgating experience!

1. Collapsible kitchen kits, retractable cutting boards and disinfecting wipes provide a simple prepping and serving system for tailgating on the go. After the big game when it’s time to retrieve your gear, you’ve got a clean and secure tote ready for action the next weekend.

2. “The Grove” is where Ole Miss fans have tailgated in its breathtaking, tree-lined, 10-acre field for generations. But this beautiful tailgating spot also has all types of cellular and WiFi signal disruptions, and north of 100,000 people vying for a WiFi connection. Winegard Company’s ConnecT 2.0 WiFi/4G LTE extender improves exclusive connectivity for your party. Waterproof and backed by a warranty, this device is less than two feet in diameter but gets the signals you need to be the quarterback of your tailgating team.

3. The Washington Huskies boast another unique tailgating scene. On the shores of Washington Lake, many fans “tailgate” in the multiple harbors. Often folks hop from one boat slip to the next. However, the most crowded of slips will be those that have a portable HDTV system to watch the best games live. The DISH Playmaker portable satellite TV antenna powered by Winegard enables you to follow every team. And setting up is easy, with several mounting options for your convenience, from a tripod for easy positioning on the dock, to a window attachment for your vehicle or placement on your RV.

4. Aboard any tailgating vessel, fire extinguishers are a requirement, and first aid kits are also a great idea. Having these things on hand, water or land, will save the day of a loved one or a fellow fan.

5. What about night games or games in stormy weather? A waterproof flashlight or lantern can provide even the weariest of fans an opportunity to pack up camp after the big game safely and efficiently. Using lights with clamps leaves both hands available to avoid an amateur one-handed acrobatic packing effort. Don’t forget a set of extra batteries to ensure your light shines and you all can depart safely.

Given these tips, fans will stay safe and connected, with cherished memories engraved forever.

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