Don’t miss these top seafood trends you can easily try at home

(BPT) – Are you spending more time cooking at home due to quarantine and social distancing? Perhaps you’re indulging your inner foodie by trying new foods and recipes. These days, many people are flexing their culinary muscles and testing out different trends as a way to brighten up their every day.

For your next meal or snack, consider adding these must-try seafood styles and flavors to your menu.

Everything bagel seasoning seafood

It all started with the bagel, and now the popular seasoning that mixes poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion and garlic is being used in new and inventive ways. You can buy the seasoning to sprinkle on favorite dishes, but perhaps where these flavors really shine is when they’re combined with delicious seafood such as Everything Bagel Butterfly Shrimp from SeaPak.

These crispy butterfly shrimp are covered in everything bagel seasoning and paired with a cool cream cheese chive dipping sauce. It’s specially designed for conventional ovens, toaster ovens and air fryers, so you get to indulge in a delicious new food craze without extensive kitchen time. Whether it’s a savory snack or a scrumptious main course, Everything Bagel Butterfly Shrimp are versatile and delicious.

Creative “sea-cuterie” boards

Traditional charcuterie boards have been around for centuries, featuring classics such as cured meats, olives, pickled vegetables, crackers and nuts. However, being at home has inspired people to take their charcuterie to new heights and many seafood lovers are designing platters around their favorite protein: seafood.

Known by some as “sea-cuterie,” this new take on the classic shared appetizer can feature shrimp and cocktail sauce for dipping or smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese with sliced baguettes for a classy date night. You can take your taste buds on a trip to the Mediterranean by complementing a spread of olives, artichokes and cherry tomatoes with deliciously salty sardines or anchovies — or even a smoked fish dip. It’s tons of fun to customize your offering in unconventional ways — particularly when it involves adding seafood to the mix.

Baked seafood dishes

Want a satisfying crowd-pleaser for dinner? Baked seafood dishes are surging in popularity and are easy to make at home. Thanks to their low-maintenance nature, casseroles, lasagnas and oven-to-table recipes are getting the seafood treatment from home cooks everywhere.

Many types of fish bake well and are incredible paired with breading or spices and sauce. Salmon with ginger? Stuffed sole with breadcrumbs? Seafood and pasta are an unforgettable dynamic duo.

Baked seafood recipes, like this fan-favorite parmesan shrimp ziti bake, are typically simple, so why not make extra? Leftovers tend to reheat well, and one baking session can provide you with lunches all week long.

Seafood remixes

We’ve all had to get a little more creative in the kitchen this year. For a twist on the traditional, try swapping the protein in your favorite dishes for salmon, shrimp or your favorite kind of seafood.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can recreate an entire land-based dish by reimagining it. Tired: Bacon-wrapped sausage bites. Wired: Seaweed-wrapped cod nuggets.

What sea-inspired cuisine will you whip up tonight?

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