Top spa trends of 2022 focus on healing and rejuvenation

(BPT) – With health and wellness top of mind for so many people, interest in spas is increasing. A trip to the spa is truly an exercise in self-care. Many spas are evolving their offerings to incorporate treatments focused on healing and rejuvenation to help people look and feel their best.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re an avid spa-goer, explore the top 2022 trends in spa treatments and indulge in luxurious self-care:


Have you ever noticed how you look and feel better when you spend time by the ocean? The healing powers of the sea are the focus of thalassotherapy, the use of mineral-rich water and moisturizing marine extracts to therapeutically relax the body. Thalassotherapy is commonly incorporated into spa bathing experiences, providing deep relaxation. These baths are wonderfully soothing by themselves, but benefits can be maximized when combined with massage, body scrubs or seaweed wraps.


The healing power of water is the focus of hydrotherapy. Expert therapists strategically use warm and cool water to soothe the body and also invigorate the senses, providing myriad health benefits. A menu of signature hydrotherapy treatments is available at Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge, Illinois, located 20 miles west of downtown Chicago. This newly redesigned spa features the custom Vichy Shower, which for the first time will be suspended from the ceiling, allowing the therapist more flexibility to move around the massage table during treatments.


Often referred to as color therapy, chromotherapy is being added to spa treatments to enhance the overall wellness experience. For example, the Kohler Vichy Shower now includes chromotherapy with the introduction of red LED light therapy which improves the skin’s health and aids with cell repair. Chromotherapy is a complementing element of the hydrotherapy shower that can provide a constant shower of warm water in varying sequences that include drenching rain, intense massage and soft silk spray.

Thai massage

If you’re a fan of yoga, you’ll likely be a fan of Thai massage treatments. Originating from Thailand, Thai massage has ancient origins that focus on flowing and rhythmic massage sequences. Acupressure and yoga-like stretching are important parts of these treatments and set them apart from other styles of massage. In addition to deep relaxation and stress relief, Thai massage can also be beneficial for joint and muscle health, helping to increase range of motion and improve agility.

Treatments for men

As more men are realizing the benefits of wellness treatments, spas are now frequented by males of many different ages. To meet this growing demand, spas are developing services to meet their unique needs. From gentlemen’s facials and massages to male-focused treatments for hands and feet, there’s something for everyone. These treatments can be customized based on need and preference, so men can get exactly what they want to feel their best.


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