4 easy DIY projects to upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor space

(BPT) – While everyone is enjoying hanging out with friends and family outside right now, may have inspired you to consider opportunities to improve your outdoor space. Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can update your backyard space to showcase a more contemporary look while also improving its function and livability. It’s even easier when all these projects can be completed using the same product — Nova Wall by Keystone.

Nova Wall is a contemporary, double-sided linear wall unit with both smooth and split textures available in four colors: charcoal, pewter, white and ash. While the monochromatic look is striking, you can also choose to combine your preferred choice of colors. Making it even simpler is that Nova Wall is a single-unit system, meaning there is no dealing with other size units like corners or caps. Between your preferred color choice and the six available finish options, whatever combination you choose to build for your space can be one-of-a-kind, to best suit your aesthetic and complement the look of your home.

Better yet, Nova Wall units are designed to be easy to build on your own (unless you prefer to hire a contractor). Compared to other wall units, they are relatively lightweight (39 pounds each), and they can be erected quickly and efficiently, even if you are new to DIY projects. Unlike other products on the market, there are no corner blocks required, which can create challenges for those tackling a project like this on their own. On top of that, no pins or special connectors are needed for building — you simply use concrete adhesive to secure the units, which usually takes just a few hours to set.

Ideas for enhancing your backyard oasis

Here are some projects using Nova Wall that can help you make your outdoor living areas stand out — and look outstanding.

1. Define spaces with freestanding walls

Clearly define your patio space for different purposes by separating them with freestanding knee or decorative walls that are 3 feet tall or less. For example, you can build walls to set apart a cozy conversation nook, a fun-and-games spot for kids and/or a separate cooking and dining space. Because they’re double-sided, these units will look great from any direction. You can also use a wall of this type to establish the border of your patio.

2. Create a focal point with a fire pit

Nothing is more fun than gathering around a fire pit with friends and family on a balmy summer night or autumn evening. Because Nova Wall units are so easy to put together, you could build your fire pit in the daytime and be ready to roast marshmallows together that same evening. Make sure to consult your local municipality to learn about any regulations for the use of recreational fire where you live.

3. Go green with stylish and sturdy planters

Bring a little more nature into your backyard patio area by creating attractive and long-lasting planters using Nova Wall that you can then fill with your favorite foliage. Use seasonal plants or flowers to add pops of color to your outdoor space, making it an even more pleasant environment for relaxation and entertaining.

4. Add bonus seating with contemporary flair

Nova Wall units can also help you create extra casual seating such as near your barbecue or fire pit, whether as standalone benches or seat walls. This extra seating can be especially helpful when you’re entertaining larger groups of friends and family.

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