10 Best Podcasts on Real Estate Investing You Need to Hear

I’ve spent the last 2 years studying real estate investing, on my journey of becoming an agent/investor. Whew! I’ve learned a lot, but there’s a lot more for me to learn.

If you’re starting to explore real estate investing, my advice is to absorb as much knowledge as possible before you decide to make a purchase.

There’s a lot of information and resources available on the subject: books, videos, blogs, and podcasts.

If you’re short on time, or would rather listen while you learn, then podcasts may be the way to go. Listening to a podcast is one of my preferred methods for gaining knowledge on this subject, when I don’t have a lot of time to spare. Plus, it’s very motivating to hear others, who’ve overcome challenges to become successful real estate investors.

Here’s my list of some of the best podcasts that will inspire you and build your knowledge:

  1. Investing While Holding a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia
  2. Four Newbies and Their Very First Real Estate Success Stories
  3. The Ultimate Beginner’s Podcast For Real Estate Investors
  4. 40 Quick Tips for Buying Your First (or Next) Investment Property
  5. Using Peer-to-Peer Lending to Finance Deals, Cash Flow, and Fix and Hold Investing with Dawn Anastasi
  6. 50 Units in 5 Years while Working a Full Time Job with Josh Sterling
  7. Smart Rental Property Investing, Getting Your License, and Investing For Retirement with Jonna Weber
  8. How to Find, Analyze, and Finance an Incredible Real Estate Deal!
  9. 22 ½ ACTIONABLE Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors With Josh and Brandon!
  10. From Zero to 200+ Deals in Five Years with Sharad Mehta


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