Bedroom Design

Shocking Confessions of a Penny-Pinching Designer!

Ok, I admit it…I’m THRIFTY!  I get a big charge out of the hunt!  I like to use things in my designs that were “previously loved”.  The hunting ground…thrift shops, flea markets, Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, estate sales and discount better retailers like Home Goods, At Home, Burlington, and Ross.  It takes a good eye and a plan, but a great room can happen from this visceral hunting ground!

Let’s take an example of a bedroom I designed for under $500 using furniture and accessories found at the Salvation Army Store, At Home, Home Goods and Burlington (formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory, but it is a hidden treasure of bargain priced home accents).

I always consider 3 major things before beginning any project:

1.  What do I need visually to achieve beautiful style in this space

  • Have a definite plan for color.
    Neutral with shades of gray, black and white.
  • Decide on a style that reflects the feeling you want to portray.
    Clean, fun and modern.

2.  What pieces do I need to buy to get great functionality in this room?

  • ART

3.  Where do I shop to find all of the best pieces at the lowest price?

  • My plan is to get my major furniture pieces as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality or style, accessories that are fresh and impactful and a great modern fabric headboard that won’t break the bank.

THIS ROOM COST $498 (Not including the mattress)

Bedroom Makeover

  • LAMPS (HOMEGOODS 3 @ $30 each)
  • ART  (BURLINGTON 2 @ $30 each)

It is the overwhelmingly accepted mindset that you should buy your bedroom furniture at a “furniture store”, with all of the pieces matching, but in fact, that is the antithesis of what makes an original looking and visually interesting bedroom.  This is a universal sales tactic propagated, and advertised by furniture stores.  They want you to come in and drop a thousand dollars or more on a bedroom suite that is designed to match perfectly and they want you to believe it is the right thing to do. This is SO BORING!

Look at the pictures in your favorite Home Décor Magazines. Do you see any “furniture store” matched pieces in those rooms?  No, most likely… you DO NOT!  That is because it is simply not interesting or original!  If you love the rooms you see on Houzz or your favorite magazines, look carefully and notice the furniture pieces pictured, then rethink your strategy when buying YOUR furniture.

Have a clear and well thought out plan for your space and then shop with confidence, anywhere BUT a furniture store and you will be surprised at what that “Penny Pincher” inside of YOU can accomplish in your home!

Carla Bradfield
Carla Bradfield
Interior Designer
Atlanta Redesign Your

I work with homeowners looking for design help on a budget and also with realtors to stage and redesign homes for a faster sale!

Call, text or email for help with your project.

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