Lean and Mean: Turkey Helps Build a Balanced Lifestyle

(BPT) – As the calendar flips to a new year, many Americans try to tackle a tough task: building a healthier lifestyle. According to Statista, the sense of being unhealthy is especially strong among Millennials, with nearly 80% of adults under the age of 36 reporting that they “could be healthier.”

Sustaining a well-rounded, nutritious diet can be difficult though. Consumers need to identify food options that are not only healthy, but also delicious and convenient. Packed with protein and easy to prepare, turkey fits the bill for a wholesome, balanced diet.

Low in fat and loaded with an abundance of minerals, turkey is perfect for many tasty, simple meals for individuals and families. Consumers can cook tacos with ground turkey, turkey burgers, spaghetti with turkey meatballs, turkey sheet pan dinners, turkey sausage, or turkey skillet kits in less than a half hour and enjoy a convenient, nourishing meal.

No matter which form of turkey consumers are choosing, they are often hung up on a common question: white meat or dark meat? You cannot go wrong either way, according to nutritionist Dana Harrison. She notes that white meat is a great source of lean protein, low in fat and low in calories. However, the calorie disparity is not that large. For a three-ounce serving, any part of the turkey falls within a 160- to 190-calorie range.

While dark meat has a higher concentration of fat than white meat, those fats could help you feel more satiated by your meal. Dark meat is also higher in certain other nutrients, including iron, zinc, B vitamins and selenium. Ultimately, Harrison recommends that consumers simply eat the option they prefer taste-wise because white meat and dark meat both fit into a healthy, adequate and balanced diet.

For those wanting healthier options for their families, there are a wide variety of products including ground turkey, breast cutlets, tenderloins and turkey meal kits. The Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms brands provide an array of healthy turkey recipes, such as Southwest-style chipotle turkey tenderloin with roasted veggies, sweet and spicy turkey tacos and white turkey chili.

For consumers on the go who want the health halo of turkey breast but need something speedy to whip up for dinner, the company also recently introduced Turkey Skillet Kits. Each kit includes four turkey breast cutlets – hand-seasoned in a flavorful blend with an internationally-inspired gourmet sauce sauté packet, and they cook in fewer than 15 minutes.

Ground turkey is another quick, versatile dinner option. With 28 grams of protein and only one gram of fat per serving, 99% fat-free ground turkey breast provides a great foundation for a wholesome entrée, such as tacos or chili. For families on the go, oven-ready turkey meatloaf is simple to prepare and perfect for busy schedules.

Keeping track of the food you are consuming can help you lose weight and determine if you’re eating enough in each food group. And with modern technology at our disposal, diet monitoring is a breeze. Online food calculators, such as a tool on WebMD, enable consumers to count calories and grams of fat, carbohydrates and protein from thousands of different foods. There are numerous mobile apps that allow you to track your exercise accomplishments, in addition to your dietary goals, to stay on pace with your resolution.

Upholding a healthy diet with balanced, wholesome meals only takes a few simple steps. Smart shoppers plan meals before heading to the store and stick to the outside perimeter of the supermarket to purchase fresh ingredients, including vegetables, fruit and lean meats. Moreover, a consistent meal-planning routine saves time and money by eliminating extra trips to eat out and cutting out the need to order delivery.

Armed with a grocery shopping game plan and modern technology to monitor nutrition and wellness progress, consumers can be ready to maintain a healthy routine. Even on the busiest of nights, convenient and healthful turkey meal options ensure you can enjoy an appetizing dinner.

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