Not only am I a licensed real estate agent in Georgia, I also consider myself a home and lifestyle consultant. Our homes are sacred places where we can escape to find peace and contentment with our loved ones. I'm passionate about helping others to buy and sell their homes, but also providing tips and advice to help them create their unique living space. And, yes I'm also a foodie -- food is the quintessential connection to making you feel like "There's no place like home!"

Here’s To Your Health in 2012

One of the nice things about working at the Centers for Disease Control is exposure to lots of useful health information, resources and tools. I found some neat 2012 calendars targeted to men, women, and communities, with healthy messages for eating healthy, promoting healthy lifestyles, and encouraging medical checkups. These calendars can be printed and […]


Hot Food Trends in 2012

With the new year approaching, I’m on alert for any new information or resources that will help me to stay focused on my healthy eating resolutions for 2012.  Eating healthy, while dining, can become a challenge. I was happy to stumble upon the National Restaurant Association’s survey of professional chefs, and their top menu trends […]


Healthy Holiday Appetizers

The holidays can bring more than just happiness and joy; extra pounds can become an uninvited guest. If you’re hosting holiday parties, help your guests eat healthier by serving healthy holiday appetizers. One of my favorite appetizers is a smoked salmon and cream cheese spread. This appetizer is very easy to prepare, and always gets […]


Pleasurable Peppers

Now that the nest is just about empty, I cook my most extravagant meals on Sundays. Well, not exactly extravagant, but I spend more time on Sunday meals than I do during the week. My husband loves my stuffed peppers, so I decided to make his favorite today. Stuffed peppers is a very easy meal […]



Every Thanksgiving, I bake one of my family’s favorite dessert: butternut squash pie. I usually make two pies, but this year, because the pies turned out so well, I baked a third pie. I try not to eat a lot of sweets, but it’s so hard to have just one, or maybe two, slivers of […]


Leftover Makeover

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, but I hate trying to figure out what makeover to give my leftovers. This year, I’ve decided to make turkey soup with rosemary dumplings. I don’t usually prepare my daily meals using a recipe, so I’ll wing it and go with the flow. There was plenty of […]