Potato Salad: A Labor of Love

This weekend, my daughter is visiting from New York. And, what that means for me is that I’m making potato salad. I’m not preparing just any potato salad, but potato salad made the same way her late grandmother made it; without a recipe and filled with love.

When it came to making great tasting potato salad, my late mother was the best of the best! With only 5 main ingredients: potatoes, eggs, mayo, relish, and mustard, along with a dash of this and a pinch of that, she prepared a bowl of potato salad that would make a grown man beg for more!

Potato SaladBut, the most important ingredient in the salad was the love my mother put into every bowl. Potato salad was her signature dish, and friends and family would visit often for just another fork-full of love.

I’m amazed at how food can spark a memory, or emotion of a place once visited or thoughts of a departed love one. In my family, potato salad is that one dish that connects us to our past; that moment when my mother was here in her kitchen cooking. I miss my mother a lot, but each time I make potato salad, I’m transported back to that time when she last made a bowl. And, like my mother, each bowl I prepare is also a labor of love.

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