Soup’s On!

Now that fall has arrived, it’s officially soup season, which is a perfect time for the one pot meals. If you’re like me, you’re already bringing out the crock pot, from its dark, storage place, or taking inventory of your collection of stockpots.

Soup is the quintessential fall comfort food. Nothing says “Welcome Home,” or “Come in from the cold.” like a bowl of hot soup. My heart is warmed each time I have a bowl of tomato soup, with a grilled cheese sandwich, or a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and my favorite muffin. It’s a simple food that I can prepare for my family, and say “I love you,” at the same time.

Another nice thing about making soup is that you can toss in leftover meats and vegetables, or foods from your pantry like rice, potatoes, and can tomatoes. For this reason, I always make sure I have staples on hand; a lesson I learned from my late mother. A good pot of vegetable soup can be prepared from a few potatoes, a head of cabbage, canned vegetables: tomatoes, corn, and green beans, and a can of chicken broth.

There are so many varieties of soup that you can cook. The only things you need are a little time, an appetite, and creativity. If you’re looking to add a few soup selections to your menu planner, check out a few of my favorites, from the list of soup recipes below:


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