When Life Gives You @&##t, Make Kebabs!

Kebab SkewersThere’s one thing that’s certain about life — it’s uncertain!

No matter how much you plan and prepare, life will find a way to give you an unexpected outcome. Losing a job, not getting a job, failing an important test, or losing love can make you feel defeated. Don’t despair! Instead of sulking, get a bunch of vegetables, fruits, meats, or seafood and make kebabs!

You heard right — make kebabs! Why? Because making this dish will give you a quick boost of confidence, since there’s no right or wrong way to place the food on the skewer. This is one moment in life that you can have things your way — exactly the way you want it! If you want to place the vegetables on the skewer first, do that! Or, arrange the food any way you like it.

One thing is for sure, when the kebabs are hot off the grill, the final result will be just as you planned. Now, that’s success!



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