Not only am I a licensed real estate agent in Georgia, I also consider myself a home and lifestyle consultant. Our homes are sacred places where we can escape to find peace and contentment with our loved ones. I'm passionate about helping others to buy and sell their homes, but also providing tips and advice to help them create their unique living space. And, yes I'm also a foodie -- food is the quintessential connection to making you feel like "There's no place like home!"

Healthify Your Halloween!

If you’re trying to stay healthy, don’t be tricked by all the treats, at Halloween! In just one day, it is easy to destroy all your good efforts to eat right and exercise, by loading up on sugary, high-calorie sweets. I know it is tempting; you tell yourself that you’ll have just one mini Hershey […]


Fall Veggies: A Rainbow of Variety

Each season produces a variety of fruits and vegetables; fall is no exception. During the fall season, the variety of colorful vegetables is abundant. You can find, at the grocer and your local farmers market, a selection of vegetables in hues of : orange, yellow, green, red, and white. Certainly, some fall vegetables are available […]


Get Cozy with Favorite Fall Foods

While I love the hot, summer season for enjoying family vacations at the beach, eating sweet, ripe watermelon and tropical fruits, and preparing quick, healthy salads, I look forward to the cooler temps of the fall season and my favorite comfort foods. As soon as the summer season is about to end, I start reminiscing […]


Simplify Your Diet with Real Food

With so many food choices available, it can be difficult for one to choose foods that are healthy, and foods that shouldn’t be eaten. One way we can simplify our diets is by eating real food. Michael Pollan, best-selling author, in his book: In Defense of Food, writes: “Don’t eat anything that your great grandmother […]


Is Danger Hiding in Your Fridge?

Undetected danger could be hiding among the fruits and vegetables, in your fridge. A recent salmonella outbreak affecting 141 persons in 20 states has been linked to Cantaloupe. Yes, this ripe, sweet fruit, if grown in southwestern Indiana, could make you and your family very ill. Reports of illness were identified in the following states: […]