How Valuable is Good Health?

When I chose a vegetarian diet over 30 years ago, I knew there were health benefits, but I didn’t think much of the value of good health. But, after having a family, I realized that good health is quite valuable. So, each day, for myself and my family, I make healthy eating choices: no red […]


Buy the Best Food You Can Afford

When it comes to having good health, don’t let your pockets be the controlling factor. A lack of funds shouldn’t be an excuse for not eating healthy. Instead, buy the best food that your money will allow. We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive. And, it seems that all foods that are […]


Don’t Be Salty on Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day, are you planning on cooking your loved one a fabulous meal, or surprising them with dinner out at their favorite restaurant? If so, make your meal an even healthier Valentine’s gift by choosing low-sodium ingredients and entrees. Why does lower-sodium matter? High-sodium diets contribute to high blood pressure, which can lead to […]