What’s Better than Beach and Jazz?

Besides drinking a cup of hot, herbal tea, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the cool breezes, warm water, and sun on a beach. But, even better — enjoying the beach while listening to jazz.

Next weekend, hubby and I are heading to the white, sandy beach of Clearwater, Florida. This is our first trip to Clearwater, but I’m sure it will live up to its reputation as ‘Florida’s Best Beach Town 2013.’ While there, we’ll be listening to the soothing sounds of jazz trumpeter, Chris Botti. If you’ve never heard Chris play, you should check him out. His music can calm a savage beast.

For us, going to the beach is the best way to slow down our lives and totally relax — no deadlines, no mad dashes out the house, no sitting in traffic, or answering emails. We enjoy several days of sleeping late, relaxing by the pool, eating healthy, freshly-prepared meals, watching the calmness of the ocean, and dressing in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Life can’t get any better!

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