Say What?! A Vegetarian Drive-Thru

Before you start getting too excited, let me explain what the fuss is all about! Like you, I had visions of driving thru a fast-food lane, scanning the menu, and ordering a veggie burger, on a toasted bun. But, my dreams were shattered after learning that only the lucky residents of Rohnert Park, a city north of San Francisco will get to enjoy that culinary experience.

Amy’s Kitchen, the vegetarian, frozen food company, has decided to enter the burger war, and possibly give McDonald’s a little competition. Although, the company is testing the idea at a single location, the idea is sure to catch on.

The location is an all-vegetarian, 95/% organic diner, and will make all menu items from scratch, in less than three minutes — no way! Amy’s is putting stake into their star menu item: a veggie burger, with hopes of changing the mindset of beef lovers.

I applaud Amy’s for taking the risk on an idea that’s long overdue: healthy, fast-food. Obesity is a huge problem in the U.S. and is the biggest risk factor for many chronic diseases such as high-cholesterol and high-blood pressure. But, without many healthy alternatives, it’s just not easy for many to eat healthy.

For now, I’ll keep daydreaming of the day I can drive up to a fast-food window and say” Can I order a veggie burger, please?”

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