Tips to Create Your Quiet Zone


The late, legendary Bob Marley so eloquently sang, “So much trouble in the world.” And, today it seems that troubles are plaguing every end of the earth. We’re bombarded daily with news of movements for racial and social justice, terrorist attacks, and political boxing matches — it never ends!

An over-consumption of this sensationalism isn’t healthy. While we may not have control over what happens in the world, we can control our own piece of the earth: where we live.

No matter what’s going on in the world, I try to create a quiet zone, where I can retreat to peace and quiet. A place, a sanctuary, that keeps me connected to the universe and helps me to recharge. During the summer, my backyard is that place, where I can go and enjoy quiet. On the weekend, my husband and I like to enjoy our coffee on the deck to admire the trees and listen to the chirping birds — ahhh! a breath of fresh air.

No matter where you live, you can create your own quiet zone, using the following tips:

  • Set boundaries in your space and don’t allow: loud noise, unruly behavior, and definitely no drama.
  • Surround yourself with nature: plants, water fountains, fish tanks, earthy decor.
  • Light candles to fill your space with wonderful smells (I love Yankee Candles).
  • Listen to nature apps with ocean waves, chirping birds, and relaxing music.

In this day and time, peace of mind and quiet is priceless!

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