low sodium

Stand Your Ground: Eat Healthy

Let’s face it, many times our family and friends have a lot of influence over us.  We tend to make decisions based on what they think and feel. Growing up, my family was no exception. They tried to discourage me from adopting a vegetarian diet. Eating soul food high in sodium, sugar, and bad fats […]


Don’t Be Salty on Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day, are you planning on cooking your loved one a fabulous meal, or surprising them with dinner out at their favorite restaurant? If so, make your meal an even healthier Valentine’s gift by choosing low-sodium ingredients and entrees. Why does lower-sodium matter? High-sodium diets contribute to high blood pressure, which can lead to […]


To Thy Heart Be True

In February, why not refocus your attention on your heart and give it all the love it deserves.  Especially since it loves you daily by pumping blood and oxygen throughout your body. Show your heart some love by following these simple steps: Eat less sodium – most Americans consume too much sodium; most of which […]