Don’t Believe the Hype! What Fast Food Menus Don’t Reveal

Everyone seems to be on the healthy track these days; even fast food restaurants. Menus that have long advertised foods high in trans fats, sodium, and calories are now graced with seemingly healthier choices. But, are they healthier?

We, as consumers, rely on food producers and merchants to be transparent when it comes to the production and selling of foods. Honesty, is the least we can expect. But, it is no surprise that the health of the population takes a back seat to profits.

In essence, if healthy is what is profitable, then retailers will market healthy products. Regardless, to whether the products are healthy or not.

When it comes to fast foods, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. If foods are no longer cooked in trans fats, but still are high in sodium and calories; does that make them healthy?

I like eating out once in a while, but find it difficult to accept that my meal is totally healthy. I try to order salads or grilled fish and chicken. But, still I worry that the added sauces, marinades and seasonings increase the calories and sodium level.

If you like eating out, do so in moderation. But, when you do, know what you’re eating from the menu. View the nutritional facts of fast food restaurants here.

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