Embrace Healthy!

I just returned from a much needed beach vacation: white sand, emerald green waters, palm trees, and jazz music — what more could a person ask for? Going to the beach each year fits into my overall life plan of living healthy. It allows me time to slow down, reflect, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle involves much more than just eating healthy. It also involves activities that contribute to sound mind & body. We need to take time from our busy lives to slow down and smell the roses.

Healthy is inclusive of all things that positively affect the way that we live: eating, exercising, thinking, loving, sharing, caring, and embracing. Each of these activities has an impact on our overall health. If we neglect any one of these activities, then we suffer. But, if we nurture and cultivate each one, then we reap the benefits of living a healthy life.

Fit healthy into your overall life plan. Embrace healthy by trying a few of these healthy lifestyle tips:

  • Add as many fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Limit your intake of red meat
  • Think positive thoughts and avoid negativity
  • Start a fitness plan by enjoying an activity you like (dancing, walking, Zumba, gardening, etc.)
  • Enjoy quality time with loved ones and friends
  • Whenever you can, give to someone less fortunate than yourself (doesn’t have to be money, your time is also precious)
  • Offer a smile and a kind word to those you meet and do business with (the cashier who bagged your groceries, the young person who took your fast food order, etc.)
  • Last, but not least, embrace life itself!

As you create your overall life plan, remember to Eat and Live Healthy!

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