Buy the Best Food You Can Afford

When it comes to having good health, don’t let your pockets be the controlling factor. A lack of funds shouldn’t be an excuse for not eating healthy. Instead, buy the best food that your money will allow.

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive. And, it seems that all foods that are good for you are just as costly. But, with a little creativity and determination, you can eat healthier. You may need to sacrifice a junk food to buy a few fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few suggestions for buying and eating healthier foods, when your funds are limited. I’ve used these  in the past, especially during the early days of marriage, lower paying jobs, and raising my four children:

  • frozen vegetables instead of fresh
  • chicken thighs are less costly than chicken breasts
  • frozen ground turkey instead of fresh ground turkey
  • buy the manager’s special on salad mix and make it a meal (add chicken or fish)
  • frozen fish instead of fresh fish
  • potatoes are inexpensive (bake and top with broccoli & cheese)
  • make breakfast for dinner: french toast, eggs, turkey bacon (yum!)
  • keep dry beans on hand (can be cooked alone or with turkey to make chili)


    1. pjoseph31


      You’re so right! Coupons definitely can save you $$ on healthy items that may otherwise be too expensive at full cost. My local supermarket sends me coupons in the mail for items that I purchase often. I also like to look for foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken that are marked down for quick sale.


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