Pack Healthy for Your Road Trip

If you’re traveling out of town for Spring Break, or just planning ahead for summer vacation, you’ll want to make sure you and your family still eat healthy while on the road. Though it may be tempting to just stop at the many fast food places along the highway, it is much more practical and wise to pack your own food.

When my kids were younger, packing healthy foods for the trip was just as important as packing the sunscreen, for a day on the beach — I would hate not to have either. So, to make sure the family ate healthy for the long drive, I made sure we had the following:

  • Fresh fruit: apples, bananas, grapes (packed in sandwich bags), peaches
  • Healthy snacks: peanut butter crackers, Sun Chips, popcorn, mixed nuts, oatmeal cookies, muffins
  • Individually frozen fruit juices: apple, orange, grape, small bottled water
  • Turkey sandwiches (prepared just the way everyone likes them)

When you’re ready to hit the road, make sure your healthy care package is equipped with everything you’ll need to eat healthy while traveling. With a little preparation and time, you and your family can have a healthy start to your vacation.

If you just have to stop at a fast food place, remember to opt for the healthier options on the menu: grilled chicken and salads.

Enjoy your vacation! And, remember to Eat and Live Healthy!

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