This is Going to be Good!

This is my baby boy’s last Sunday dinner, before he returns to college, and he wants this last Sunday meal to be the best. Today, he asked that I prepare Turkey & Spinach lasagna, which is one of my family’s favorites. I love to make their favorites, and hear them say:”M’mm, M’mm good!” Well, I’m […]


What’s for Dinner?

Since my youngest son has been home, for the winter break, from college, he’s asked me to make his favorite meals — he misses his mama’s cooking! And, how can I say no, when I know the boy has been living off of oodles of noodles, fast foods, and other not-so-nutritious meals. I usually make […]


What’s For Dinner?

I’m asked often, by friends and family, what do I eat? Those who have eaten my cooking are amazed at my creativity in adapting traditional meat recipes into vegetarian/flexitarian meals. Honestly, I’m surprised at times, at how well the meals turn out. I usually don’t use recipes for my weekly general cooking; too tired and […]