What’s for Dinner?

Since my youngest son has been home, for the winter break, from college, he’s asked me to make his favorite meals — he misses his mama’s cooking! And, how can I say no, when I know the boy has been living off of oodles of noodles, fast foods, and other not-so-nutritious meals.

I usually make my best meals on Sunday, when I have time and I’m more relaxed. My son verbally gave me a long list of his favorites — no problem! But, that boy can really eat! I mean really eat! Standing tall at well over 6’4, I swear the boy eats every 15 minutes.

Last week I prepared from his list: brown rice, green beans, and turkey patties with peppercorn gravy. From my past experience cooking for a family of six, I knew not to make all the patties at one time. I learned that it’s always best to save a portion of the meal, for the next day.

This week, he chose his absolute favorite: whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and, of course, garlic bread. Man, he’s really living the life! It must be nice to have someone else cook all your favorite foods!lol

spaghetti1spaghetti3But, he doesn’t know that I also have a plan: when he graduates from medical school and gets his first doctor job; dinner will be at his place!

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