Try this Simple Trick to Losing Weight!

Let’s face it, trying to stick to a diet, lose or maintain weight is hard work. It requires dedication and commitment. Day after day, we do our best to stick to our goal, but it can get downright depressing at times. Especially, if we’re not seeing a change, when we step on the scale. But, […]


Sunday Dinner Series: Turkey Pot Pie

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to hear anything about turkey, and glad that Thanksgiving is over, and that the dang turkey is gone. Though we’ve salvaged all the white and dark meat possible, and thrown away the carcass, we still have to appreciate the after-Thanksgiving meals we created from that wonderful […]


Sunday Dinner Series: Mediterranean Chicken & Vegetables with Couscous

Oldways, an organization committed to “Inspiring good health through cultural food traditions and lifestyles,” declares May as International Mediterranean Diet Month! During this month, the goal is to bring attention to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Research studies have proven that the Mediterranean diet is a much healthier alternative to the American diet. […]