Backyard Barbeque

Southern BBQ Favorites

I come from a family of southern cooks, who used their food as a vehicle for showing their love and affection — I’m no different! A backyard BBQ is the perfect place to flex my culinary skills, and to show my family how much I love them, by cooking some of their favorite BBQ foods: […]


The Chemistry Behind BBQ

Since we’re well into BBQ season, I thought it would be good to shed some light on grilling. It’s funny how we, as humans, tend to do things without thinking about the underlying reasons as to why stuff actually works. This got me to thinking about BBQing. Yeah, sure I go through the motions of […]


Outdoor Eating Safety Tips

What better way to enjoy the hot weather than relaxing in your backyard or on your deck, and enjoying summer foods like potato salad, coleslaw, or macaroni salad? But, food poisoning can quickly turn that enjoyment into a trip to the emergency room or extended periods in the bathroom, for you, your family and friends. […]