Try this Simple Trick to Losing Weight!

Let’s face it, trying to stick to a diet, lose or maintain weight is hard work. It requires dedication and commitment. Day after day, we do our best to stick to our goal, but it can get downright depressing at times. Especially, if we’re not seeing a change, when we step on the scale.

But, don’t fret! There’s a simple trick we can use on a daily basis that will help us, and doesn’t require much thought or energy. That simple trick is using smaller plates. The trick with using a smaller plate is to avoid over-indulging.

By using a smaller plate, we’re helping with portion control, which can ultimately help with weight loss. Decreasing our portion sizes can help us to eat less, and reduce the amount of calories we’re consuming. And, consuming fewer calories can lead to weight loss.

You might think that you’ll starve by eating smaller portions. But, not so. You’ll still want to make sure you fill your small plate with high-fiber foods: vegetable, fruits, and whole grains, which make you feel fuller longer, and also have fewer calories.

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