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For Weight Loss, Make Cardio Your BFF!

Psst! Here’s a secret you may or may not know: eating a healthy diet isn’t enough to lose or maintain weight. Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially if you’ve finally made the decision to eat healthier, as part of your weight loss program. But, the sad news: healthy eating isn’t […]


Pump Up Your Salad!

In last week’s post, I talked about the health benefits of eating salad, and the nutritional value of various vegetables used in salads. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or get healthy, eating salad is the way to go! But, did you know that you can ‘Pump Up’ the health benefits of your salad even […]


Tame Your Hunger

Are you finding yourself feeling hungry most of the day? You’re eating, but not feeling satisfied.  Well, one reason for your constant hunger may be the lack of lean protein in your diet. Eating foods high in lean protein, such as fish, lean meat, poultry, soybean, and eggs help curb hunger and promote weight loss. […]