Tame Your Hunger

Are you finding yourself feeling hungry most of the day? You’re eating, but not feeling satisfied.  Well, one reason for your constant hunger may be the lack of lean protein in your diet.

Eating foods high in lean protein, such as fish, lean meat, poultry, soybean, and eggs help curb hunger and promote weight loss. In fact, foods high in protein keep you feeling fuller and satisfied than high fiber foods.

Lean protein and hunger-fighting foods can be added to every meal. Add these foods to your diet to help curb your hunger and add fewer calories:

  • cooked whole grains, beans
  • fruits and vegetables
  • lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs

Here are some strategies for adding more protein to your diet:

  • Have eggs, instead of bagels and muffins, for breakfast
  • Add chicken or fish to your salad
  • Drink a fruit smoothie made with soymilk
  • Have a protein bar instead of a chocolate candy bar
  • Eat fruit topped with low-fat yogurt for dessert
  • For dinner, add vegetables, like fresh spinach, to an omelette