This is Going to be Good!

This is my baby boy’s last Sunday dinner, before he returns to college, and he wants this last Sunday meal to be the best. Today, he asked that I prepare Turkey & Spinach lasagna, which is one of my family’s favorites. I love to make their favorites, and hear them say:”M’mm, M’mm good!”

Well, I’m really going to make this lasagna exceptional. I need to send the boy back to school with fond memories of home. I think it will help him to stay focused, knowing he has a family back home that loves him, and a mom who cooks all his favorites.

Turkey & Spinach Lasagna (first layer)Preparing lasagna can be a little time-consuming, so you really have to be in the mood and have time to prepare. And, being the meticulous cook that I am, I make sure I give myself enough time to get all the ingredients prepped. When preparing a dish like lasagna, I make sure that I clean while cooking — a lesson I learned from my late mother.

The one thing I like about lasagna is that it is a meal in itself. You actually don’t need to prepare anything else. However, I usually prepare a garden salad and serve garlic rolls. Yum!

Turkey & Spinach Lasagna (second layer)Since I rarely cook with recipes, I always prepare the lasagna different from the last time. While preparing, I usually stumble upon a technique, which either saves time, or makes best use of ingredients. The only thing that never changes is the taste — always good to the end!

Turkey & Spinach Lasagna (final)

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