Take Baby Steps Towards Healthy Eating

If you’ve been thinking a lot about eating healthier, but can’t seem to find the discipline to do so, then try working towards healthy eating by taking baby steps. Instead of being so critical of yourself for not having the strength to just jump in, move towards your ultimate goal one step at a time.

It is more important that you reach the goal of healthy eating, rather than how fast you get there. So, if you’re ready to start that journey of reaping the benefits of a healthy diet, then try some of these simple ideas:

  • Each day, replace your soft drink with a glass of water (add some lemon juice or a couple drops of water enhancer for flavor)
  • During the week, get creative and have Salad Saturdays, Turkey Tuesdays, or choose another healthy food for a weekday.
  • Replace a serving of pie or cake with a bowl of fresh fruit (I like watermelon) topped with a few scoops of fruit yogurt or sherbert.
  • Reduce your serving of breads each day by eating half a bagel or one slice of toast for breakfast.
  • Grill and bake foods like chicken and fish, instead of frying.

If you incorporate some of these teenie-weenie changes into your daily diet, you’re well on your way to reaching your goal of eating healthier!


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