I’m in a New York State of Mind

There’s a reason NY is called “The City that Never Sleeps.”

I just returned from a long-overdue trip to visit my daughter. Since my daughter moved to NY nearly three years ago, I’ve always wanted to go visit. So, I decided to take the journey alone — no husband, no kids. I must admit that the thought of going to NY alone was a little intimidating.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I could see NY in its rarest form: crowds of people hurriedly walking to their destinations, an ocean of yellow cabs jolting in and out of traffic. Nothing moves slow in NY! It’s a city on steroids: fast talking, fast driving, and fast walking. And, while visiting, you’d better keep pace or you’ll get pushed aside.

My daughter/tour guide knows the city well. We started each day on the subway, to a different corner of the city: Wall Street, Brooklyn, Herald Square, and Times Square. Luckily, I wore comfortable shoes to protect my feet from so much walking.

On nearly every street, every corner, every neighborhood we visited, there was no shortage of places to eat. You only needed to decide on how to satisfy your taste buds, then choose a place to eat.

I noticed quaint bistros and coffee shops in East Manhattan. In Chelsea, we ate at a hip, urban spot called “Cafeteria,” which is open 24 hours. The food selection varied from breakfast foods to full entrees, and everything in-between. I opted for a veggie burger garnished with garden slaw, spicy cucumber yogurt sauce, on a brioche bun, and a side order of fries. I like to limit my intake of fries, but these fries were so good, I ended up eating the entire serving. I didn’t feel too guilty since I knew I could burn off a few calories with all the walking I still had to do. The only downside to this place is that the music is so loud you can’t hear your conversation.

Before our visit to the Theater District, in Times Square, to see After Midnight with Fantasia Barrino, who was fabulous, we ate at the Blue Fin seafood restaurant, in the W Hotel. This restaurant has an upscale, eclectic decor, and food selections that won’t disappoint. My daughter chose her favorite: grilled salmon with a vegetable medley. I decided to be a little daring, and opted for the sesame-crusted bigeye tuna with lo mein noodles, crisp vegetables in a ginger soy sauce — spectacular!

sesame-crusted bigeyetuna @ Blue Fin
Photo Credit: Newbie Foodies

Walking in Times Square and Central Park, you can see that New Yorkers are serious about food and making money. Food trucks and food carts lined the streets selling an international smorgasbord of food: NY pretzels, fruit and veggie smoothies, cheese steaks, fried rice, falafel, and Halal (Islamic Law-approved) specialties.

NYC Food Carts
NYC Food Carts

All day and even into the wee-hours of the morning, you can order food and have it brought directly to your door. Now, in what other city can you satisfy your deepest food cravings than in New York: “The City that Never Sleeps?”

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