Feeling Sick? Head to Your Kitchen!

Even if you consider yourself a healthy person, which I do, there is still the possibility of you catching a bug. But, instead of heading to the medicine cabinet, you might want to head to your kitchen first.

Just the other day, I started getting that irritating feeling in my throat, which indicated that I might be coming down with a bug. Rather than grab for my medicine of choice: Alka Seltzer Cold medicine, I asked my son to get me a box of STASH lemon ginger tea, from the grocery store. I love ginger! It works wonders on a sore throat. After drinking several cups, my throat felt a lot better.

During the flu season, I stock up on all the herbs and other ingredients, that have served me and my family well over the years. The items I have on hand in my kitchen have proven to be effective for the common cold.

Here’s my flu/cold fighting list:

  • lemon ginger tea – good for a sore throat
  • ginger beer – my 1st preference for a sore throat; better when it’s chilled – you can find this in the Ethnic food section, near the Caribbean food items
  • echinacea tea – helps to boost your immune system
  • onions/fresh garlic – natural blood purifiers and great for making onion soup
  • chicken broth, egg noodles – perfect for making a quick, chicken soup
  • orange juice/citrus fruits – loaded with Vitamin C, a natural cold-fighter

What’s on your list?

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