Healthify Your Halloween!

If you’re trying to stay healthy, don’t be tricked by all the treats, at Halloween! In just one day, it is easy to destroy all your good efforts to eat right and exercise, by loading up on sugary, high-calorie sweets.

I know it is tempting; you tell yourself that you’ll have just one mini Hershey candy. Before you know it you’ve eaten the entire bag, and have to head back to the store to prevent saying: “sorry kids the candies all gone!” Then, at the office, all the parents bring in the leftover candy they bought, or the candy their kids weren’t allow to eat. Now, you have to fight the urges at home and at the office.

But, just think for a minute; all the chocolatey, ooey, gooey candies you eat, during Halloween, will add up to extra pounds when it’s over. Just for this reason alone, you need to make sure your Halloween treats are healthy. I know Halloween vs. healthy, just doesn’t sound right, but it makes sense.

So, to help you stay healthy on Halloween, here are several helpful tips:

  • Eat candy in moderation (fun-size), or not at all
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand: yogurt or chocolate covered raisins, dried fruit, fresh apple slices, granola bars, trail mix with M&Ms
  • Drink mint or fruit-flavored herbal tea to curb your cravings (sweeten with honey or drink unsweetened)

More healthy tips:

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