Finding This Hidden Gem in a World of Noise

Many of us tend to surround ourselves with a lot of noise, which can contribute to our restlessness, anxiety, and stress. This noise can come from a variety of sources: people, music, reality tv, email, and the internet. Turning off this noise can be a challenge, especially when we feel the need for constant connectedness.

One of the most precious things to surface, when this noise is silenced, is PEACE! Yet, many of us can’t seem to find it, though, it is much closer than we think.

But, where exactly should we look for peace? The most obvious place is within ourselves. Are we content enough with ourselves to devote a few minutes a day, in silence or meditation, without the interruption of people, or technology? Do we enjoy the brief moments of solitude; lost in our thoughts and dreams? If we can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions, then we recognize and value the purpose of having peace, in our lives.

On the other hand, if we are not content with being alone, then, we find ourselves seeking peace from external sources. Finding this hidden gem is easy with a few simple strategies:

  • First, “Do You” since everyone else is taken
  • Accept yourself and Be yourself – no point in pretending you’re someone that you’re not
  • Leave the world behind – at the end of the day, enter your home and close the door on all the world’s problems
  • Unplug and disconnect – spend a few minutes each day to enjoy silence: no loud music, tv, email, or internet
  • Be grateful – find enjoyment in simple things: sunshine, flowers, chirping birds, a cool breeze, or a child’s hug, and a lover’s kiss
  • Be patient – the world nor people can be controlled by the click of a mouse; instant gratification only works on the internet. Impatience can cause us to make hasty decisions or overlook the true value of a person, event, or situation.
    To train myself to have more patience, I intentionally drive behind a driver who’s going slower than the speed limit.

So, what strategies do you have for finding that hidden gem?


    1. pjoseph31

      Thanks! Being able to take a few moments to just “pause” is invaluable, when the world seems to be moving so fast. We all should stop, when we can, to just smell the roses.


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