Why Healthy Meals Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Healthy meals don’t have to be boring! Anyhow, who wants to eat food that is bland and unflavorful.

When it comes to eating healthy, many of us think that we have to sacrifice flavor for wholesome goodness — not necessarily so. Healthy meals can be jam-packed with flavor. The secret is in the spices, sauces, and the right amount of love and passion!

Growing up in a family of soul food cooks, I learned how to add a pinch of this, and a dash of that, to create a lip-smacking meal that could satisfy the most picky eater. I’ve taken those same cooking lessons and have applied them to creating healthy meals that my family has enjoyed over the years.

Recently, I prepared one of my family’s favorite meals: char-grilled salmon, corn-on-the-cob, steamed broccoli, poppyseed coleslaw, and tri-color pasta salad. You might ask what’s so special about this meal? Well, for starters, it was healthy and prepared with love.

Click image to enlarge


Next, I used the right amount of marinade and spices to kick-up the flavor. Then, ba-da-bing — a healthy meal bursting with flavor, and almost worthy to be served on any restaurant table! And, all it took was the right ingredients, spices, and cooking know-how.

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