The Looming Death of Fast Food!

Can you imagine life without fast food? Well, that reality may happen sooner than we think.

According to a recent article, Americans are dissing fast food for healthier food choices. This may mean a slow death for fast food. Yep, Americans are opting to eat more from places like Chipotle, which serves hormone-free meats and locally grown, organic vegetables — Happy Meals are becoming passé.

A healthier eating shift is happening, and may account for:

  • decline in McDonald’s sales,
  • lower consumption of sodas and sugary drinks,
  • rising trend towards more natural food products, and
  • dramatic decrease in obesity rates among two- to five-year-olds.

This shift in conscious, healthier eating may help in reducing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, all of which are preventable diseases.

One thing for sure, when unhealthy, fast food eventually dies, I won’t shed a tear!

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