Sunday Dinner Series: Mediterranean Chicken Kebabs

In a few of my earlier posts, I revealed my love for Mediterranean cuisine. To reiterate that point, let me just say: “I Looove Mediterranean cuisine!” But, what’s not to love about Mediterranean food: plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meats, seafood, fruits, and healthy oils — foods that taste good and are good for you!

Whenever I get the craving for this cuisine, I head to the Internet and search for recipes. Today, I came across several recipes posted on the Near East website, and decided to try the Athenian-Style Chicken Kebabs; of course, with my own spin.

I followed most of the recipe posted, except that I didn’t use the small red potatoes. Instead, I added cherry tomatoes. Prior to preparing and broiling the kebabs, I marinated the chicken breasts with McCormick’s Garlic, Herb, and Wine marinade for about 45 minutes. I made the yogurt sauce and divided into two portions; one portion for basting the kebabs and the remaining sauce was drizzled over the kebabs and couscous, when served. Great with toasted flatbread spread with olive oil and fresh garlic. A simply fabulous meal!

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