#1 Tip for Father’s Day: Stay Healthy!

This is the best advice I can give to all fathers: “Stay Healthy!” Why? Without good health you have a greater risk of dying from chronic illnesses, and leaving your children to grow up without a dad. As the backbone of the family — your presence is needed!

I wish my father had taken better care of himself. He died from a massive heart attack, when I was only three years old — I have no memory of him. I only know that he drank and didn’t eat healthy; what a shame! He never got the chance to see me blossom into a wonderful, woman. How I would’ve loved to see him play with his grandchildren. Yet, his poor health robbed us of his love and being here.

My children are much more lucky, as their father is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. He’s at the gym several times a week and is vegetarian — what a blessing!

My husband may not realize that his selfless act of staying healthy means more to us than words could express. His healthy lifestyle shields his children from the heartbreak of seeing their dad lying in a hospital bed, after suffering a heart attack. Or, watching his health slowly deteriorate because he refused to eat healthy and stay active. Instead, my children are blessed with seeing their father’s smiling face, calling him for advice, and feeling the love of just knowing he’s there!

On this Father’s Day, commit to staying healthy! Being a healthy dad shouldn’t be an option, but a requirement, in making sure you’re around for your children!

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