You Determine Your Child’s Good Health

I hear parents say a lot that they can’t get their children to eat healthy. That’s a bunch of bull_!  As a parent, we have control over what our children eat. In fact, we are the examples for our children. If we eat healthy, our children will learn good nutrition and develop a habit of healthy eating.

Having good nutrition is the beginning of living a healthy life; free of chronic diseases and illness. During March, in observance of National Nutrition Month, national attention will  focus on nutrition; particularly child nutrition. There is an increasing trend of children with Type II diabetes, which is known as an adult disease. Many children are suffering from chronic diseases that are preventable with a healthy diet.

It amazes me that fast foods are so cheap, but healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for healthy eating, are very expensive. And, in many rural and urban areas, are hard to find. So, residents in those areas have to rely on buying unhealthy foods that are available and accessible.

I challenge all parents to give your children a fighting chance. Show them, by your example, that good nutrition and eating right, is important to a healthy life. You can do it! Your children need you to show them the way!

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