Change Your Habits for Good Health

Trying to develop a good habit, or break a bad one, can be challenging for most of us.  We start the New Year with good intentions to exercise regularly, eat better, or quit smoking. But, after 60 days, we find ourselves ready to go back to our old habit: doing nothing.

And, before you know it, we find ourselves still trying to lose those extra pounds, from last year. Or, we’re puzzled as to why we’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or high-blood pressure. Sure, old habits are hard to break.  But, with daily practice, we can develop habits that put us on the road to good health.

Try building these good habits:

  • Exercise regularly – if you’re like me and get bored with exercise equipment, find an exercise you enjoy. Here’s a simple tip: in the morning, walk in place for several minutes, while watching the news.
  • Eat healthier – slowly add in healthy alternatives to your diet, if you can’t go cold turkey. Instead, of eating fast foods several times a week, cut back to once a week, until you no longer have cravings.
    Each week, make a commitment to eat more fruits and vegetables. Take an apple or banana to work for a mid-day snack, and bypass the soda and candy bar.
  • Stress-less – let’s face it; there are problems in life, which many times are out of our control. Show up in life, by doing the best you can, with the resources you have. And, those things you can’t control, leave for God, or the Universe to solve!

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