Real Men Do Eat Salad!

My loving husband is what you might call “A man’s man.” He’s big, strong, and carries himself like a “real man.” But, contrary to his big physique, he’s not your average meat and potatoes kind of guy — he loves salad!

Of course, my husband’s salads are not the dainty portions that I eat. His salads are a meal-size portion loaded with his favorite veggies and topped with chicken or fish. But hey, a guy his size usually eats much more than the average person!

Luckily for my husband, his birthday comes a few days before Father’s Day. So, each year he gets a double-dose of gifts and special attention. My tradition has always been to make his favorite meal for his birthday and Father’s day. Each year, my husband always asks for his favorite: salad. You’d think that, of all the hearty foods that could satisfy a big man’s stomach, my husband would ask for something other than a salad; but he doesn’t.

And, this year is no different! So, to all the “real men” who love salad: Happy Father’s Day!

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