Are You Buying Fruits & Veggies Out-of-Season?

During my weekly grocery shopping, I always buy the same fruits: apples, bananas, and whatever fruit I think is in season. However, several months ago, the gala apples I always buy Bountiful Year-infographicwere simply tasteless. My husband and I like to chomp on an apple during our daily commute home. But, these apples tasted horrible. The sad thing is that they looked delicious. If I had known the apples were out of season I would’ve given a second thought before tossing in my cart.

Buying fruits out of season is kind of annoying, especially when you’re expecting the fruit to be naturally sweet. There’s nothing worse than spending money on fruits & vegetables your family won’t eat.

The folks over at must hate fruits and vegetables out-of-season as well. They created a wonderful infographic showing which fruits and vegetables are in season. Click the image above to see a larger view, or visit to read more. Knowledge is surely power — now, no more guessing as to which fruits & vegetables are in-season.

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