Must-Haves for a Healthy, Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking a healthy, Thanksgiving meal takes much thought, and calls for a little more attention to detail. For starters, using the best ingredients is very important. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or newbie, who’s planning a healthy, Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll need to have the right ingredients on hand.

Sure, you could prepare an unhealthy meal, with no consideration for the health of family and guests — but, why? You’ve waited all year to show your culinary ‘chops.’ Don’t spoil the opportunity, by not using the best ingredients, for the most important meal of the year. Trust me; your family will love that you took the time to think about their health. Your food will not only taste good, but will be healthy too! And, that’s an accomplishment you can be proud of.

Here’s my list of must-haves for cooking a healthy, Thanksgiving dinner:

  • low-sodium chicken broth
  • olive oil
  • fresh garlic
  • soy milk, almond milk, or low-fat milk
  • low-fat or part-skim cheese
  • brown sugar, honey
  • whole wheat or whole grain pasta
  • lots of fruits and vegetables: apples, pineapples, green beans, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, butternut squash
  • whole grain, whole wheat bread and rolls

Have a happy, healthy, Thanksgiving!

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