Sunday Dinner Series: Turkey Pot Pie

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to hear anything about turkey, and glad that Thanksgiving is over, and that the dang turkey is gone. Though we’ve salvaged all the white and dark meat possible, and thrown away the carcass, we still have to appreciate the after-Thanksgiving meals we created from that wonderful […]


The Power of Love on a Plate!

Nothing evokes fond memories and emotions like good food! And, this Thanksgiving I’d like to believe that I served my family plates filled with love and memories of family togetherness. I blessed my family with succulent, turkey breast marinated with olive oil and fresh garlic; tender, green beans; candied carrots flavored with pineapples and raisins, […]


Food for Thought!

Imagine living in an area, without access to healthy, fresh foods. For many, in the United States, this is a daily reality. They live in areas defined as “food deserts,” which lack quality supermarkets or farmers markets, where residents can buy fresh foods. Not being able to buy affordable healthy foods is bad enough, but […]