Food for Thought!

Imagine living in an area, without access to healthy, fresh foods. For many, in the United States, this is a daily reality. They live in areas defined as “food deserts,” which lack quality supermarkets or farmers markets, where residents can buy fresh foods.

Not being able to buy affordable healthy foods is bad enough, but many residents in these areas have to travel outside their communities, in order to buy fresh foods.

According to a news article in the New York Times: “An Oasis of Groceries,” Chester, Pennsylvania, with a population of 35,000 mostly low-income residents, was one of the 6,500 designated food deserts in the United States. Now, the area is home to a new supermarket, where residents have easy access to fresh, fruits and vegetables, and other quality groceries.

On this Thanksgiving day, while we enjoy the company of family and friends, and sit at a table filled with an abundance of delicious foods, there are US residents in 6,499 food deserts, who may not be as fortunate to fill their tables. Being able to put food on our tables, not only on Thanksgiving, but every day, makes us truly blessed!

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